In 1998, SOTO was established in Beijing by two scientists: a doctor in clinical medicine and a master in physics. With their knowledge in medicine and science, they led a team of young people and dedicated themselves into developing high quality medical-grade air purification systems. After years of continuous research and testing, SOTO has become the leading manufacturer in medical air purification systems.

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We strive to meet the client's needs and value the client's feedback. Our focus is to supply our clients with top of the line air purifiers that are more efficient, more reliable, safer and easier to operate than other devices in the market.

When designing a product, we focus on product functions, efficacy and user feedback. Superior craftsmanship and great attention to details clearly reflect our dedication to perfection.

With advanced technologies and years of expertise, SOTO has not only become the industry leader in medical air purifiers and sterilizers, but also has expanded its product lines to include home and car air purifiers.

Our success

The pursuit of excellence is our motto and this motto has been the foundation for all our ideas. We are passionate about breaking conventional barriers and combining technologies from different fields to create products with superior quality. Our goal is to design and develop products with reliable performance, ease of operation and simple physical designs. SOTO’s innovative air purification system outperforms any other standard product in the market.


Our product development begins with a need and an inspiration. Each product then goes through numerous improvements and vigorous testings before being finalized. This long meticulous process represents our dedication to excellence.

Customer service is our number one priority. We value customer’s feedback to further enhance our products and our service system. SOTO is a proud manufacturer of high quality air purification systems dedicated to providing cleaner and healthier indoor air for hospitals and homes. We believe that better air quality means a healthier future.

Product design

In the process of designing and developing a product, we always follow three product-design principles: safety, reliability and ease of operation.

Safety: We take user safety very seriously by reinforcing strict quality-control in all components. This ensures maximum user safety in all possible situations.

Reliability: Product reliability is emphasized from the very beginning of product development. Our designs and high-quality components ensure product reliability and durability.

Ease of operationOur products are designed with customers in mind. All units are user friendly: Operation is intuitive and maintenance is easy.

Market distribution

From 2007, our products have received certifications from CSA, EK, CE, TUV, and ETL. We took the lead in entering foreign markets such as North America, South Korea and Europe.

SOTO air purification system combines several advanced air treatment technologies. It is an innovative integration of electrostatic adsorption, mechanical filtration, and sterilizing treatment. SOTO air purification system provides comprehensive protection against airborne pathogens and pollutants. SOTO has become the leading provider of air purification systems for healthcare facilities in China and overseas countries. Our air purification system has received positive feedback from healthcare workers around the world.